Como funciona CloudPack

Sus ganancias - nuestro éxito

Cuánto cuesta el CloudPack? En qué consiste CloudPack? Cómo se expande el CloudPack? Cómo se puede retirar dinero? Qué es Bitcoin?

The first step it purchasing the CloudPack: you buy one or several packages, and gain access to your personal dashboard.

That way, you enter the «board of directors»: all owners of CloudPacks make a collective decision about the distribution of the money that the players have invested in Minex. Those funds are spread across the companies represented in the CloudPack in a manner, determined by the players themselves. This stage is the most important one: the future rewards of each player hinge on the successfulness of this collective decision.

After the choice is made, the selected Blockchain projects immediately get to work, generating the rewards. Each player can cash out at any moment, but the full effects of the decisions of the board of directors will only be felt after several months.

In the future, all participants of the game will be able to track the results of the decisions they have made and adjust the work of the CloudPack: fine optimization of the distribution of funds and continuous adaptation to the market’s movements will allow the players to jointly maximize their rewards.

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