Frequently asked Questions

What criteria are used to add new Blockchain projects to the CloudPack?

The contents of the CloudPack change every week, depending on the users' decisions.

The defining factor in choosing new projects are the opinions of players themselves. Every user of Minex is a memver of the board of directors, in which palyers make collective decisions about adding or removing new projects from the CloudPack.

Inside your own dashboard you can access a Telegram chat, which works as a meeting room. The meetings take place on Fridays, every week, from 12:00 to 18:00 GMT. In order for your vote to be accounted for, you have to express your opinion inside that timeframe, in the form of "MY VOTE FOR (...)". At all other times, the chat functions as a convenient place for the players to communicate and share their experiences of the game.

The results of each voting and rewards for the past week are announced every Monday. All decisions are immediately implemented in the CloudPack by adding or removing new Blockchain projects.

How do we identify fraud:

Use of outdated equipment resulting in reduced competitiveness and therefore operating at a loss or near bankruptcy

We can not guarantee that every Blockchain company in your portfolio will be honest and stable for the entire duration of your contract. However, we can assure you that our team has done its fact checking before including any company in its index.

Honest and long-term commitments are at the heart of every relationship we have with our clients – the main driver behind our plan of providing verifiable and trust-worthy financial reports of all our operations and using them to improve our service

What are the advantages of using a portfolio approach compared to working with Blockchain companies directly?
We offer contracts from service providers with the highest reputation. We hedge the risk associated with companies' operations by aggregating offers from different services into a single product. You get a more competitive return per each $1 spent, by leveraging heavier contracts. You can start earning profits after investing as little as $10.
How are payouts made?
Payouts are made on a weekly basis (billing cycles occur every Monday). The value of pay-outs depends on the BTC exchanges rates, changes in the mining difficulty of various crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH, etc…). However, by tapping into several sources you can stabilize your earnings.
What happens if the BTC exchange rates change?
Since the contracts are executed in BTC, your payments in Bitcoin are fixed, however their USD value will fluctuate.
What happens if a service provider ceases operations?
In the event a service provider goes bankrupt or leaves the market, your portfolio will only be affected with respect to the tranches serviced by this particular operator. However, your risks will be compensated since your contract provides you exposure to several providers and hence lowering the overall credit risk of your portfolio.
Card payment

There are many ways to buy bitcoins. Numerous web exchanges are the most popular option. Purchasing cryptocurrency is usually no harder than buying a book on Amazon.

You can use a number of ways to pay for bitcoins - depending on the specific exchange, the range of available options can include PayPal, SEPA, Visa or MasterCard bank cards, other cryptocurrencies and so on.

One of the easiest options is to use your bank card. Let’s take a closer look at this process, using Indacoin.com, one of the most straightforward exchanges, as an example.

1. As soon as you visit the website’s home page, you will immediately see where you need to click to begin the process of the exchange:

2.You will be greeted with the following screen:

The fields which you need to fill in are self-explanatory:

  • “You pay”: specify the type of your bank card and the amount in USD which you wish to exchange for bitcoins;

  • “You receive”: the system will automatically calculate the amount of bitcoins you will get for the amount of USD you’ve specified and display that number here;

  • The next two fields require you to fill in, respectively, your Email address and phone number. Both have to be real and are equally necessary to finish the exchange process;

  • After that, you’ll have to enter your bank card data, just the way it is listed on the card itself;

  • All that’s left to do is enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Indacoin can generate a new address for you right on the spot - click “I have no bitcoin wallet” for that.

Alternatively, you can set up your own wallet using a dedicated service, such as Blockchain.info or Coinbase.com;

  • After you’ve filled in all required data, all you have to do is click “Buy bitcoins now”.

3. On the next screen, you will have to enter a verification code. You will receive an automated phone call on the number you’ve specified earlier, which will tell you a 4-digit code. Fill it in the respective field to proceed:

4. This is the final verification stage. You’ll need a 4-digit code which you have received along with the bank statement. You can find that in the logs of your online bank, or in your phone’s text messages, if you have SMS notifications in place. The code you need consists of 3 digits and letter Z (for example: 466Z):

5. Congratulations, you’ve bought some bitcoins! You can access your wallet by logging in on Indacoin’s home page (registration instructions should have already been emailed to the address you’ve specified earlier). Now you can use those bitcoins to buy your first CloudPack on Minex.io!

Why should I invest in Minex over other investment sites?
Minex offers a low risk, gaurentee profit, investment plan. All that's required is 1 cloudpack.
Bitcoin payment

Here is how you buy CloudPack with bitcoins (please note that all payments are processed by our partner, Cryptopay.me):

1. Click “Buy Now” on the Minex.io website. You will be directed to the page where you can begin your purchase:

2. Select the number of CloudPacks you wish to buy, enter your valid email address and then click “PAY IN BTC”. The website will direct you to the following page:

3. Starting from here, you have three options of how to complete the purchase:

3a) If you have a desktop Bitcoin wallet installed on your PC, you can click the blue button “Pay 0.0146 BTC”. It will take you directly to the app, with all the necessary info (such as the receiving Bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoins to send) already filled in. All you have to do is click “send” in your wallet, and the payment will complete.

3b) If you have a Bitcoin wallet app installed on your smartphone. If that is the case, you can open that app and scan the QR code with it, which will allow the app to autocomplete the payment. Just follow your mobile app’s instructions.

3c) You may send us bitcoins manually via your preferred wallet service or app. For that you will need our wallet address, which is the long string of letters and numbers displayed right above the QR code, and the purchase amount, which is displayed to the left. Just send that amount to the specified address manually, and the payment will be confirmed.

KEEP IN MIND: the displayed address is only valid for 2 hours. If you send the money more than 2 hours after the address was generated, THE PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If the address has expired before you’ve had the chance to send the money, just repeat the entire process from step 1, and a new address will be generated for you.

4. Regardless of which payment method you’ve chosen, the purchase is almost complete. In several minutes you will receive a confirmation email from us, which will contain access info for your account.

What languages does Minex support?
Minex supports English, Russian, and Spanish. More languages will be added later.
When do the weekly meetings take place?
It takes place every Monday at 12 GMT.
Can I comment or provide feedback about Minex.io?
Yes, absolutely. Your feedback is greatly appreciated in helping us improve Minex.
How can I join the Minex.io telegram chatroom?
First download the telegram app on your smartphone or ios device. Then go to your private dashboard on your phone and click the "Minex.io board of Directors" right below the withdraw money button.
How can I vote in weekly meetings?
All you have to do is type #(project) +1 or -1.
I want to be part of the Minex team, how can I do that?
Simply email support with the position you want to be and the Minex directors will decide.
Can the payout ratio per pack change?
Yes it can change when the weekly meetings accur and or if there is more profit.
How long does it take for my private dashboard to update after I complete a purchase?
Your dashboard will update within 24 hours after your payment has been confirmed.
When will I start acurring profit from my cloudpacks?
You'll start acurring profit within 3 days of the purchase.
What's the difference between Cloudpacks and Minex Coins?
Cloudpacks earn profits daily while Minex Coin is a token that increases in value that can be sold at a later date.
I am a blockchain company and want to partner with Minex, how do I apply for a partnership?
Contact Minex support at support@minex.io with information about your company and support will foward it to Minex Board of Directors.
If there's a problem, how can I contact Minex Support?
You can email Minex support at support@minex.io There is also a support agent in the Minex telegram chat, his name is David Suzuki.
Help, I forgot my password and I did not recieve a password reset email, what do I do?
Contact support with your email associated with your account and they will send you an email with your new password.
I have ideas about how to improve Minex, can I recieve a reward?
You will be rewarded 1 Minex Coin for every approved contribution by Minex Board of Directors.
I want to propose a new investment opportunity, how can I do that?
Propose the idea to the chatroom while following the guidelines on what is needed to get it approved.
Do you have any social media sites?
Yes, we have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/minex.io Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlFG9SVY0ApjPQycGmQ7NQ
Is withdrawal instant or manual?
Withdrawals are manual. This is to prevent people from withdrawing more money than they have in their balance.
What is the minimal withdrawal amount?
Minimal withdrawal amount: 0.005 BTC.
Can withdrawals be set to auto-withdrawing?
No, at the moment all withdrawals are manual.
I sent bitcoins to the payment address how long will it take to confirm?
Your transaction will be confirmed by the blockchain network within a few minutes to a few hours.
Does Minex plan to add additional payment methods?
Yes, in the future.
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