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Minex Coin

Minex Coin - is a digital crowdfunding Currency for virtual blockchain fund - Minex.IO.

Minex Coin is a private coin on the private blockchain for private users. 

White paper to be released until 1.jan 2017.

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CloudPack — the way to mine Bitcoins without the risks.

Imagine you could tap into the potential of all the cloud-mining providers and other methods of earning Bitcoins.

CloudPack lets you do this in a single click, with all the flexibility you want. Whenever you want to use our pre-picked sets of mining farms or build your own index - you can do it all using our unique CloudPack approach. You buy cloud-mining power for $ and we do the rest - it's as simple as it can get. Start earning Bitcoins with your CloudPack!

Expert opinions

Alex Ivanov
Alex Ivanov
Founder Wavesplatform

The profitability of investing in criptato sometimes up to 1000% per annum, while there is no legal way to obtain such income in paper money.

Risky market, but diversified, multi-investment and detailed market analysis to obtain the maximum income for reduced risks.

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